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Games, tricks and history combined!

Game Party playing cards are creating with solid advice from professional players, collectors and magicians. Designed in style of banknotes they will be packed in superb foiled embossed boxes

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Game Party playing cards – best gift for you and friends

Add a Favorite to Playing Card Collection

Green version of Game Party playing cards will be very limited and won't be reprinted.

Tuck box will be fully embossed and will be printed with gold metallic and special pantone inks and will have a beautiful seal

Perform Flourishes and Cardistry

One-Handed Cuts,
Two-Handed Cuts,
Table Flourishes,
Springs and Drops,
Glide Catch,
Bridging the cards

Perform Incredible Magic Tricks

There is a special add-on for fun and magic which complements the Red deck, as they have the same back design. It includes a set of 56 gaff cards such as double, blank, split cards, etc. All must-have cards for incredible tricks are inside this box