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Common rules for all card games


In most card games using a standard deck, which consists of 52 cards. The deck consists of four suits, each of which is determined by its symbol: ♣ clubs, spades ♠, ♦ diamonds, hearts ♥. Also consists of thirteen cards in each suit: Ace (high card), Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 (the lowest card).

There are other decks that contain less than 52 cards. Typically, these decks are made by withdrawing from the deck of certain cards. For example, in a deck of 36 cards, and removed all the cards from two to six, 6, is the youngest of seniority. The deck of 32 cards removed all cards from Deuce to Seven 7 is the youngest. The deck of 24 cards removed all cards from two to nine, 9, is the youngest.

There may be, and vice versa deck of 53-bit or 54-card deck when added one or two jokers. There are double deck of 104 cards, when taking two decks and put in one.


In order to determine the place at the table, the partner, the right delivery, etc. use several ways to lot. The most common is when the offer to pull the card from the deck and, depending on the value of the card player produces certain actions. If two players have the same value on the card, it is usually pulled again, although in some games, if the values ​​of the same card, it is determined by seniority suit, which is set in this game. If even such a method when cards are shuffled and then laid out cards on the table face down and lapped, after which each player takes one card, extreme card deck is prohibited to take. Depending on the value of cards players producing pre-specified actions.

Alternating action

The right to take the card to make announcements in the game, turn all all this happens in most games in a clockwise direction, ie from each player to his neighbor on the left side. With a few exceptions in some games right to take the proceeds to the loser.


Each player has the right to shuffle the deck there. This right is usually reserved, even in cases when the card is responsible for shuffling a specific player.

Removal of the deck

By removing the deck meant the separation of the deck into two parts and the movement of the lower part of the top deck and the top of the deck down. The removable portion of the deck should be at least 4-5 cards. Typically, removal of the right deck is provided to the player on the right side of the deliverer, as the first move belongs to the player on the left side of the deliverer, but is allowed to take the player to the left.

Senior player

Senior player called Player who sits left of the deliverer. The player starts the game first.


Almost all the first card games dealt senior players, the rest are dealt clockwise. In different games, the number of cards that are dealt at a time can be different, so it agree in advance before the game. It is considered more or less the right to take one at a time card. The cards are dealt face down always.


If the cards were dealt correctly, at the request of any player, the card must be handed over again to the same deliverer when putting the rules do not specifically deliverer been violated or by any manner of means. After passing the last card, and after watching the dealt cards claim re-take cards not accepted. Retake in the following cases:

 the dealer to see the bottom card of the deck or the card during delivery;  the dealer made a mistake in the card account;  the cards are dealt out of turn, the players noticed it;  during delivery fell open card;  put an extra card;  cards were not given for the removal, and it was just seen by players;  found in the deck labeled cards (stained, broken);  deck was incomplete. Incomplete deck is the deck is called, in which the number and seniority of the suit cards do not comply with the rules of the game. Incomplete deck can not be corrected by a simple withdrawal of foreign cards or returning to the deck of cards that were originally there.  Deck was wrong. If more than one card fell to the floor, or mixed with other cards of the deck, the deck of this is considered improper.

Forgiveness violations

In various games rules stipulating penalties for violations and the extent to which violations can be corrected without changing. The rules usually a period of time during which the retained strength of the application error, and the right to punish. If during this period, nothing was time taken, after this error is considered to be ignoring her forgiveness.

Error shuffle, removal, deposit cards

If a player is on the hands of an incorrect number of cards, he must declare an error, while the cards were not mixed, otherwise surrender and expense become invalid.

Error statement, declaring, assigning trumps

This error comes into force only after the opening of the first stroke in the drawing.

Error writing points in arithmetic calculations

This error is only valid after the offer and acceptance of payment in the process of scoring.  


Negotiations or trade regulations provided many games. The negotiations are conducted in a clockwise direction, strictly on the queue. Each turn is only one destination (classified). Extraneous conversations during negotiations unacceptable.  


The draw is carried out strictly in order. The queue can go clockwise or counter-clockwise, it all depends on the rules of the game that is played. The draw must take place quietly, to give each of the players to determine the suit and a rank card. Foreign negotiations, tips or hints on the game are not allowed. Each player has to play to the end without giving up their cards, even if in the process of further games they do not matter. The cards that are out of the game (a retreat, bribes, demolition, etc..), Can not be considered and taken before the end of the game, unless it is allowed by the rules. Violation of the lottery shall be fined, which corresponds to a preliminary agreement between the players.